i’ve been working with a wonderful librarian {WL} at the *PL. when i first contacted her it was because she’d posted a need for a practicum student and so i knew she was open to working with students. turns out she’s the assistant director as well, score one for gwen’s networking power!

the class is collection development, and i have to work with my WL (almost like a practicum) at several tasks for the class. my first major assignment was for selection. i’m working with the teen health collection, and my WL said that she’d purchase all the books i’d selected, because she trusts my expertise. folks, i’m not even sure i’m spelling expertise correctly let alone having any! i’m pretty psyched though that they’ll really be using (and valuing!) all this work i’ve been doing. who knew spending $1500 on books would take endless hours? i wish i’d had more time. so many resources and so little time to review them all.

next step: aquisition!