I’ve been obsessed lately with RSS. I use Google Reader and I wish all of my friends did so we could share fascinating stuff with one another and I could endlessly discover new blogs. Topics read by me lately range from craft to politics to finance to food to zen and green living. I also subscribe to several indie shops selling jewelry and softies. I’ve cut back on my indulgent purchases lately in an effort to curb my debt, but I still like to look at things.

My interest in RSS and blogs eventually brings me to the fact that I want to have an active blog but for some reason I never post. I like stuff and I want to improve my life. I also love taking pictures of things other people probably find it silly to take pictures of & sharing them. Such as everything I create, mainly involving some craft or food. Endless blog fodder!

So why don’t I post? I love writing so it isn’t that, although I need to work on my tone because I feel pretty cheesy. I suppose I just don’t make the time for it. So I’m going to make a goal of it. Maybe at first I’ll start with a goal of one post per week. I also want to make a list of goals and post it here. Maybe I’ll be encouraged to keep you up to date. I set up Feed Burner today so I can see if anyone is actually interested, I think not so much because I’ll be lonely if no one listens, but because I crave statistics. I suppose I do hope for some dialog though!