So maybe I don’t have any focus.

So maybe I don’t have a specialty.

I keep reading that successful people persevere. I’ll never move forward if I stop moving or if I am too hard on myself for trying. Maybe those things will come with time, and maybe they won’t. That’s OK too. Maybe this will never be anything more than a chronicle of my goals and interests. That’s OK too.

Plus, Steve Runner says I should keep a blog, well he says everyone should, in his Run, Blog and Share podcast episode. And since I find him amusing and generally trust that his wisdom at running and blogging/podcasting is greater than mine, I’ll trust him on this one.

I think my first goal has been accomplished then. I’ve been posting more regularly, every few days to be exact. I have a lot going on for the next couple weeks. Namely getting myself together for my trip (I’m down to days in the single digits!), I’ll set a new fancy goal when I get back.

This weekend look for 2 posts: 1. on the annual Orchid show & sale and 2. on volunteering at a race on Sunday.