We got a late start due to some faulty alarm-user behavior, but eventually made it to the Orchid show on Saturday. As usual, we headed straight downstairs for the sale.

I am only allowed one new orchid and only from the Masd family. I’ve had the best success with them and my window shelf has limited available real estate. There were only a few for sale and I made my decision rather quickly. I decided I could also pick up one of the $10 orchids that wasn’t in bloom. [I had to leave them at Jay’s for the rest of the weekend, I’ll update this post once I’ve set them up with a picture and detailed information as to which kinds I bought.]

The show was amazing as usual. I can’t fathom how people get such fantastic blooms to appear. I need a greenhouse.

A particularly wonderful display of Masd
Show Masd

Jay’s favorite

We only saw two people we knew, and they happened to be each of our bosses.