What a beautiful day for a race! It was 40° and sunny at 8am when I arrived for the volunteer meeting. I was tasked with the job of road marshall near the end of the 9.3mi course. The meeting was quick and I hung around for a few minutes to see if I could spot my yoga instructor. I never did find her.

I finally wandered back to my car and drove out to my corner, the last real turn before the finish. I think there was about a mile left from that point. Essentially my job was to cheer on the runners and make drivers aware that there was a race in progress.

My Road Marshalling post

I had a long time to wait. Luckily I brought a camp chair with me and was quite happy to sit in the sun and wait. I had company in the form of a runner’s fiance and his sweet pitbull.

I was at my post for about 2.5 hours. After the last participant passed me, I drove to the finish to cheer him in. As always the runners were very grateful and ever friendly. I had a great morning and will definitely volunteer more in the future.