I love my new Nutkin socks. I finished them last week and they fit perfectly! I’m sure it was largely luck, but they’re the first pair that haven’t been slightly too big. They’re a little twisty around the leg but that doesn’t really bother me. Neither does the pooling. It means I made it myself!

Finished Nutkins

So my entry for the Sockdown challenge for the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry was complete in the nick of time. Speaking of which, I decided last night not to enter for April. I was planning to do a Jeanie Townsend pattern, but although I liked several of them, the ones I liked were similar to patterns that I’ve knit before. And with a completed pair number of 3, that simply isn’t an option. I’m leaving on Friday, with loads of knitting time in the airport to be had, so I CO the Campfire socks. The pattern is super simple and I’ve seen a sock knit up in my chosen yarn (in fact, the reason I bought the yarn). The only issue I noticed, after getting a good start accomplished last night, is that the combined yardage of the two 50g skeins is 237 yards! This makes my size 9 foot nervous. I thought about frogging and start over with the pattern toe up, but the toe-up instructions are for two circs or magic loop. It would be my first toe up pair and I don’t have circs, plus the instructions are not as “gentle” as the original ones. If I end up without enough to finish a sock with one skein I’ll frog then. I love the yarn and the pattern, if I have to start over it won’t be terrible.