I am back from my almost 2 week vacation hiatus. Not that I was gone for 2 weeks, but it’s always padded by prep time and decompress time. I need, for a time, to refocus on my goal of blogging due to the lapse. Leo keeps reminding me in his Zen Habits blog that it’s important not to take on more than one goal at a time, and not to move on too soon.

I don’t think I can do the prescribed 30 days per goal, I just have too many and I’ll never get to them all. Plus, some, like getting out of debt will take much longer. I’ll play it by ear. “Getting out of debt” really is more of a goal category than a single goal. There are sub-goals beneath that take you closer. Same with fitness. I think my 3 main goal categories are: debt elimination, fitness, and enrichment. Maybe it will help to think of them this way.

I walk around all the time with this general desire of self-improvement. Ideas swim around in my head, things I’d like to change, things I’d like to add for enrichment. What I end up with is no clear path, and things get lost. Plus having my brain swim in anything gives me a certain amount of anxiety. So I’ve started collecting goals. I’ve started a list that I can locate them in. I think this will help me let go of them until the time is right to get to work. Originally I was using ilist at Twitter, but that was hugely inadequate. I’ve revived my list at 43 things. I haven’t paid any attention to it in quite some time, now it seems exactly what I need.

In other news, I am repeating week 5 of the C25K program because I only ran twice on the ship and really only have time for 2 runs this week. The JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge is May 29th. Hopefully I’ll be ready for 3.5mi! I’m not too proud to walk in that race. I’ve done it before. Hopefully it won’t be 85° like the last couple years.