Over the cooler months, I obsessed about socks. I finished 2 pairs as gifts, three to self, and have yet three more still on the needles. The bad news: I’m just about done wearing socks for the next 4 or so months. I’ll probably finish one of the pairs as it’s pretty mindless. And as they’re called Campfire socks, I kinda want to take them backpacking. Otherwise, I think I’m through with socks for now. But not with knitting.

Time to shift gears. I’ve moved all of the toys in my Ravelry queue to the top, and last night I knit Zoë a mouse and stuffed it with catnip. She was only marginally impressed. Maybe I was too skimpy on the catnip.

Zoë & her new toy

I really want to knit some food. Strawberries & cupcakes are of particular interest. I see it as a sort of diet strategy. Crochet the coveted cupcake rather than consuming it. Mayhap an octopus. There’s a whole Flickr group about octopi. I want to contribute! Some of it will have to be crochet, as most toy patterns that I’ve seen are written as such. I need to start small and simple, as the robot doll of yesteryear frustrated me and put these fun and games on hold. Maybe I’m just not that great at crochet.