Gentlemen, you’ll want to tune out on this one.

Ladies, I feel a little funny writing about this topic, but it’s one that’s close to my heart. I’m doing you a disservice if I don’t tell you about it.

The DivaCup has totally changed my period. No longer am I a slave to it. In fact, I only think about it twice a day. No more tampon changes in public restrooms. I haven’t bought another feminine care product in the 1.5 years I’ve owned my DivaCup.

I won’t lie to you, it did take me a couple months to get used to it. But I’m really glad I stuck with it. And it isn’t for the faint of heart. You can’t be afraid of your body to use the DivaCup.

According to the Lunapads website, May is DivaCup month. So check out the resources there (FAQ, how-to guide, testimonials) and maybe give it a try. Let me know what you think! I’ll never go back.