I think it’s time for me to take a more active interest in all things green. I try to be conscious of my actions, but the things I do are just little things here and there. Like bringing my own grocery bag, recycling my plethora of print magazines, and refraining from buying bottled water. My sister even makes fun of me because I’m so terrible at recycling.

I think the environmental movement is something I could really get behind and become really passionate about. I have a bachelors in biology, so it’s also something I can understand on a higher level and maybe even work toward professionally if I felt so inclined. I read several environmental blogs, but I need something with a little deeper substance. I’ve been wanting to start reading more non-fiction, and always linger around the “green” table at the local bookstores. I’ve never bought any of them, mainly because I’m not sure where to start, and with everyone jumping on the green bandwagon, I’m afraid to purchase without seeing some reviews. And there’s the whole debt repayment thing. Plus, it seems silly to buy a book on this topic. I’m headed to the library.