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I’m not sure whether I’ll ever become a vegetarian, but I keep hearing that it’s single best thing you can do for environment. And for those that can’t: SmartFitter (Less Meat Doesn’t Mean Meatless) and Lifehacker (Change your Cooking Style to Cut Back on Meat) give some tips on doing something rather than nothing.

J.D. starts doing 100 push ups. I wish I could, I don’t think I’m tough enough.

Chris Guillebeau via Zen Habits offers 3 truths to create a life of gratitude.

This week’s tastiest cupcake is Mocha. YUM!


I’m not the only one hawking stuff, J.D. from Get Rich Slowly is on guard against stuff too.

Tips from Leo of Zen Habits for anyone else that might be combining finances with relationships as I soon shall be.

Sustainablog offers some suggestions for chemical-free green cleaners that I’m sure to try out once I’ve moved in.

Whoooo can resist some adorable, crafty owls?

And lastly, here is this week’s prettiest cupcake.

Sunday is supposed to be my day to get things done at home, but generally ends up being lazy. Enter procrastination via blogging! Here, enjoy my first link love post!

Heavy Petal reviewed ladybugs. Yeah, actual ladybugs and their effectiveness in fighting off evil aphids.

Sewing Stars shows off some adorable sewn veggies.

Forget the impact on your waistline, No Credit Needed looks at the cost benefit to dropping pop from your grocery budget. (But calls it “soda”, which is clearly wrong;)

And my nomination for yummiest sounding cupcakes of the week: Snickerdoodle cupcakes.