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The neatest thing happened to me today. First, background:

I recently listened to the Introduction to Meditation Zencast podshows. First they teach you to label your thoughts during meditation, and in a later class, to notice emotions. To not get involved in them, but just to recognize them and see how they felt.

This afternoon I was in the throws of iPhone lust, when I suddenly and unintentionally noticed the emotion of “want”. As soon as I recognized it, it just dissolved completely. I’m sure not permanently, but wow, it was such a great feeling to notice it and let it go. I simply stopped identifying with it. Now if I can only do this with worry and anxiety.


Aside from my local radio station, I’ve found two fantastic sources for discovering new indie bands.

1. Echolocations, formerly In-Radio. I’ve been a subscriber now for 3 years to this fantastic music “magazine”. Every other month I receive a CD with an eclectic selection of 15 or so tracks from indie artists. The quality of the website has declined since the magazine changed hands, but the music is just as good. Email the address on the website for a free issue.

2. Indiefeed. A grouping of several podcasts that cover different indie genres. I subscribe to the indie-pop flavor. I’ve heard a few familiar voices and discovered quite a few more on this weekly podcast.

Have any sources to recommend to me?